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Unicomp Technology - a leader in Intelligent X-Ray Detection Equipment

Advancing technology in X-Ray machine manufacture

Unicomp Technology has been at the forefront of X-Ray ¬Machine development for over 15 years, and it’s production of world-leading SMT, EMS X-Ray Machines is the result of continuous research & development and highly quality standards in manufacturing, at its three high-tech R&D / Manufacturing sites based in China as well as two specialist software companies.

Quality systems meet global standards

Unicomp is committed to meeting the highest level of International Standards, a philosophy that has enabled the company to generated a strong global customer base of many internationally recognised technologies companies.

The company has achieved certifications for its systems, including ISO 9001 for its quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management, OHSAS18001 for occupational health & safety management, as well as ISO27001 for information safety management.



The range of Unicomp Technology X-Ray Machines offer:

  • » CT Layer Analysis and 3D Model
  • » X-ray inspection measurement and highlight features
  • » BGA void, solder analysis and reporting facility
  • » 99.8% inspection accuracy
  • » Filling rate and curvature measurement
  • » Text annotation function

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  • X-RAY Detection Equipment LX2000

    The LX-2000 is a versatile In Line X-ray Machine designed for automated and semi-automated analysis. In addition to the In Line capability, the LX-2000 can also be used in a Manual mode as a process monitoring/engineering workstation. View Product
  • SMT, EMS X-Ray AX9100

    Features:90-130KV 5μm X-Ray tube. High speed & Millions pixels high resolution FPD. 1000X magnification, high-definition real-time image. 7 axis linkage, 70 degree tilt detection. One-button operation with 2.5D image display. Off-line programming function, navigation mode detection.

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  • X-RAY Detection Equipment AX8500

    Features:100KV 5μm X-Ray tube. FPD Detector.Real-time image. 1000X system magnification. 6 axis linkage system. X-ray tube and FPD simultaneously tilt ±35°. Modular design with In-line expansibility. Economical and Practical.

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  • Micro-Focus X-RAY Inspection System AX8300

    The AX-8300 is designed to address PCBA high resolution inspection requirements. The AX-8300 is the FIRST machine in the industry to utilize a special 110kV micro focus x-ray source! This is the Perfect “In Between” design that offers a solution when 90kV is not enough energy and 130kV is too much. View Product
  • Multi-Function SMT Electronic AX8200

    The AX-8200 machine is designed to provide high resolution x-ray imaging primarily for the electronics industry. This versatile system is effective for many applications within the PCB manufacturing process. This includes BGA, CSP, QFN, Flip Chip, COB and the wide range of SMT components. The AX-8200 is a powerful support tool for process development, process monitoring and refinement of the rework operation. Supported by a powerful and easy to use software interface, the AX-8200 is capable of addressing small and large volume factory requirements. (Contact us for details)

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  • SMT, EMS X-ray Inspection AX7900

    90KV 5μm X-ray tube, FPD Detector. Multi-function workstation, XY multi-axis movement standard with  ±60° tilt motion (option). Z axis movement for x-ray tube & FPD to increase/decrease magnification/FOV. Convenient target point positioning system. Multi-function DXI image processing system with XY programming for multiple image inspection routines. Max. loading area 420mm x 420mm , max. detection area 380 x 380mm, with ~300X System Magnification.


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  • X-RAY Detection Equipment CX3000

    1.5μm 100kV X-ray tube; 2.Dynamic FPD with high-resolution of 1000×1124; 3.Equipped with 360° rotary fixture to eliminate PoP shadow; 4.

    The detection area easily positioned by external rocker; 5.Inspection & Analysis of soldering joint and materials inner structure; 6.High safety with seamless lead welding, interlock and emergency button.

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  • In-line X-ray Chip Counter LX6000

    • Counting Speed: 15-25S/ Reel
    • Inspection Accuracy: >99.8%
    • Min. Package: 01005
    • One-butt on operation, automatic counting
    • Specially for incoming inspection and inventory management

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