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Test Equipment

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  • Surpass X500 series


    • Best choice for IC substrate testing
    • Two probes test mode high speed
    • Micro test probe, control and decrease testing decrease
    • CCD automatic alignment system, real-time check
    • Vacuum sucking system, efficient and easy-to-use
    • Automatic marking system, reduce artificial miss operation
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  • Surpass X600 Series


    • High precision
    • High Speed
    • Compatabile with any PCB
    • Strong anti-jamming capability
    • Testing frequency can be adjusted by software
    • 4 - wire Kelvin test
    • capable to measure buried inductance, coil
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  • Surpass X900 & Surpass X1200


    • Ultra-space testing platform
    • Best choice for communication back panel
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  • Impress Series AOI


    IMPRESS Q-V series provides on-line verification system, it is suitable for sample, dry-film and artwork inspection. Also it can prevent board scratch by handling.

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  • Unicorn Verification System


    • Two points automatic graphics positioning, prevent missing defect caused by misplacement issues
    • Can link up and read famous brand names of AOI's defects
    • Dense defect area can be inspected one point within visible monitor, it can increase the inspection time.
    • Machine has particular defect category and quantity statistical functions, it is convinient to work out defects statistics and monitoring production process automatically
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  • IM-PULSE AOI Automation System


    • To reduce manual handling caused by quality problems
    • Reduce aritificial miss operation
    • Increase the actual capacity
    • Reduce labor costs
    • To reduce the production of a line staff labor intensity
    • Rapid feedback production quality
    • Increase stability of large quantities of production
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  • Imagine Automated Visual Inspection


    • Automatic double-sided inspection, simple operation and efficient
    • Linear colour CCD scanning, can display defects clearly
    • Unique steel belt transmission, eliminate electrostatic effectively, and less noise during boards transmission
    • Strictly structure design, less area occupation and less power consumption
    • Unique software inspection algorithms, strong detection ability
    • Humanized verification system, Defects can be shown clearly
    • Unique automatic double-sided alignment system, east to operate.
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  • Automatic Universal Grid PCB Tester


    Automatic Universal Grid PCB Tester

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  • Dedicated Arm-type Automatic Testing Machine


    Dedicated Arm-type Automatic Testing Machine

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