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LED Direct Imaging



LED Direct Imaging from MIVA Technologies

MIVA Imagers

A wide range of imager bed sizes, user selectable plot resolutions and graphics data compatability make MIVA flatbed imagers flexible in serving a correspondingly wide range of applications in industrial production and research environments.

  • » PCB production
  • » Chemical milling
  • » LCD panel making
  • » Mobile phone antennae
  • » Precision etching (watchmakers)
  • » Precision graphics

MIVA Technology

All MIVA raster imaging systems use a unique exposure procedure, utilizing highly efficient semiconductor light engine and a high resolution spatial light modulator to generate the image. This system projects a clean high definition image onto the photo-sensitive substrate.

There are various resolutions available between 3000 dpi and 128000 dpi. The photo head exposes the media during its continuous movement across the media surface. Positioning is controlled in real time by high resolution linear encoders.

MIVA in PCB production

MIVA Direct Imagers are designed to meet the varied needs of the PCB industry and although technological improvements have allowed us to address other market sectors, the PCB industry remains their biggest customer.

Quality, speed, accuracy, compatibility, customer service, reliability and a fair price for new machines and maintenance are what the industry demands, and what MIVA Technologies offer.


Features of the MIVA 2025 range

  • » Low initial cost and power consumption
  • » Fully upgradeable systems
  • » Multi head options
  • » Integrated board cleaning system
  • » Compact optical system - no drifting
  • » Real time rasterisation

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