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Zhengye Machines

Zhengye are leaders in the field of electronic information integration and optical mechanical / electronic integration, specialising in software and new materials development. Zhengye design and manufacture X-Ray machines, UV laser cutting machines, UV laser drilling machines, automatic flex PCB reinforcement machines, Pre Preg cutting machines, hole checking machines, TDR impedance testers, Ionic Contamination testers, thermal resistance tester and other precision equipment.


Zhengye are a world leader in the manufacturer of laser cutting and laser drilling machines.

Wideley used in the PCB industry

Zhengye machines are widely used in the PCB, lithium battery, dedicated plastics and electronic industries.

UV laser cutting machines are designed to cut a wide range of materials including: coverlay, FPC profile, aluminium base, ceramics and tin alloys.

High Efficiency

The line speed while cutting cover layer is more than 200 mm/s.

High Quality

The diameter is less than 0.1mm


Automatic precision correction, automatic power compensation, automatic focus and automatic correcting movement.


Customizable 250mm or 500mm wide Roll to roll automatic loading systems and numerous software functionality.


Designed to ensure 100% operator safety.


The intergrated AOM module is applied to correct power by single pulse sampling, to make drilling quality consistent and reliable.


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